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Skinny Nikki Blond fucked

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Big Tit Anal Ultra Vixens In The 1970s

The huge breasted anal supersluts of the 70's come together in the hottest big tit anal collection ever! Legendary loops include John Holmes with slender bra buster Linda McDowell in 2 ass-cramming loops from the Playmate series! Tiny cute blonde Connie peters takes it up the ass while her overstuffed whoppers hang down! These vixens can't wait for your dick to be pulled from their orgasming asses to shoot your load into their eager mouths!

Adultery For Fun And Profit

This was the Grand Prize Winner at the Amsterdam Adult Film Festival in 1971. But don’t hold that against it. It’s actually a tightly-paced, sexy chunk of hardcore filmmaking. It’s well-made (for a change) and the tantalizing cast of moist starlets provide some erotic fireworks. Richard has got it made. He’s an ultra-cool sweet-talker who preys on women divorcing their husbands. Men actually pay him to seduce their wives. He lures them into his web, smooth-talks them into chewing on his baloney, then hires a photographer to snap incriminating photos of them cheating on their husbands. Goodbye alimony! Richard’s cohort in slime is a sleazebag lawyer (John Dunn, who was in Ego Trip). He introduces the womanizer to a six-pack of sexed-up sirens (including RAINBOW ROBBINS, star of Motel For Lovers) leading to some X-cellent porn-o-rama. But lover boy gets a taste of his own medicine when a belligerent she blackmails him into doing her homo hubby. He objects: "I don’t do fags!" She replies, "For the money I’m offering most guys would make it with a kangaroo." It all ends with the "cocky" bastard getting his cummuppance. All the women he dicked around descend on him like vampires. They don’t want money, they want "inches!" Richard is made to bang the six gals. "One every day of the week." Well, at least I’ve got Sunday off," he reasons. Nope. In walks the flaming fruitcake who blows him a kiss.

Jailhouse Girls

Henri Pachard churns out a grimy little grinder with a lot of impact that was overlooked by many critics. Ginger is the innocent babe tossed into the slammer on trumped up prostitution charges. Paul Thomas runs the place with an iron hand and a vasoline glove, assisted by Kelly Nichols, who plays inmate Killer. The CAGED HEAT crowd can enjoy Joey and Ginger in the van, followed by a wide assortment of behind bars boffing. Guards like Howard, Chelsea and Payne take liberties with prisoners Raven and Kristara, who is outstanding in the rat hole crawl scene. Never fear, the major feature of women in jail is the obligatory lesbian stuff, a sudden scene with Ginger and Raven. Bad people get their comeuppance. Killer saves the day and escape has to be in order. Some will find this relaxer rather slimy, but fans will find it hot. Raincoat stuff.

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 180

Break out the mouthwash and open a few cans of tuna, it’s time for more Lesbian Lovin’ 42nd Street style. I love lesbians! My house was built by two lesbian carpenters — it’s all tongue-in-groove with not a stud in sight... True Blue (color): Two darling dykes engage in some inspired rug munching when ANDREA TRUE enters the scene for a little rim job action. The three-way double-dildo action will take your breath away. I, Pervert (color): Long-haired blonde reads the titular paperback when LINDA LOVELACE shows up with a shopping bag full of toys. Linda lubes up the blonde’s love canal, then opens things up with a double-headed dildo. Amazing how much Miss Lovelace’s bald box can swallow Lezzie Love (color): Gal with primo tits grinds gears with another lovely pearl diver before dipping into the old broccoli patch. Hot oral action plus a bunch of scary toys. Finger-lickin’ Good (color): A pillow fight ends up in a lick fest for two tender lesbos who also break out the old 10-inch dildo. I’ve Got a Legend (color): A frosted-haired honey shows her raven-tressed companion why she’s been smiling all day: there’s a Joni’s Butterfly strapped to her cooze! The butterfly is quickly replaced by her friend’s tongue Lady "Dike" (color): ANDY BELLAMY plays doctor with RENE BOND. Rene, in a short leather skirt, sticks a stethoscope into Andy’s snatch, likes what she hears, and licks what she likes. They take each other’s temperature with a slender dildo and, in general, make their beavers open wide and say, "Ahhhhh. They also make bizarre use of the wooden handle of a mining pick. Yow! Three’s Company (color): CAROL CONNORS and two other adorable blondes in a blistering, non-stop orgy of tit-nibbling, butt-licking, face-sitting thrills. Beginner’s Luck (color): An experienced dyke initiates a innocent novice on a red velvet bed Both have bodies that won’t quit. Add a few strange toys and you have a real winner. I give it two clits up! Spit Tail Lovers (color): A petite redhead fingers her abundant bush until MYCLE BRANDY heaves her healthy hooters into bed, uses her tongue like a weed whacker, and shows the redhead what friends are for. Playmates (color): SALLY MAIN (Private Arrangement) lezzes it up with a gentle-looking laplander whose favorite number is 69

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 57

It’s another SOLO, almost ALL-color edition of the 60’s sex goddesses, kicking off with a big-haired platinum blonde with a pretty face, perky cones and a great rear view. Then a tousled busty hippie-ish chick goes ape with grapes (and bananas), while a double-ponytail blonde reads a cinema zine, then shows off a lean, surprisingly busty frame and a generous shapely behind, while a lushly curvy brunette lolls in bed. Later - to quote a great man, Wa-hoo! A creamy California blonde with a gorgeous face, fabulous figure takes her position in Bucky’s Honor Roll-ln-The-Hay; and later still, a bouffant, pretty redhead in heels strips to reveal pretty pert ones. A curvy Cher-haired brunette reads on her couch, and a vivacious brunette with long locks and an hourglass figure romps on a striped bed spread. A snatch or two of B&W now: a busty brunette in a fluffy teddy; a golden tousled sultry blonde with cute cupcakes couch bump-and-grinding. Then color again as a delicately pretty brunette shyly shows off her slender shapely self.

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 93

A sexy tousled brunette chows down on her Wolfman Jack’s jock...And two pretty, happy lezbos get frisky!...Then a brunette and blonde in pink nylons - both bosomy - get friendly... And a sepia brunette sweetie takes on two pasty-white but well-hung honeys including a young JOHN HOLMES. A tousled blonde with nice breasts gives impressive oral attention to her horse-hung honey...And a cute heavy eye-makeup leggy blonde in a blue teddy hires a dick wearing a grotesque black and white polka dot shirt!... An attractive slender brunette sucks upside down, a blonde in a red body suit allows her ponytailed guy to lick her cute forbidden zone...And a sexy heavy eye-makeup brunette unzips her guy and lovingly licks him! A pixie brunette takes on two dudes... and a strawberry blonde and her sideburned guy seem upscale types among these hippies!... A bearded Romeo plows his brunette Juliet (she has an impressive balcony)... And, after a lesbian interlude, a sexy little brunette and her young guy get enthusiastically down and dirty!

Wicked Fascination

It’s so sad Zara went back to Holland 7 years or so ago. Her scene in the chair with Marc Wallice is a masterpiece of erotica. Tom Byron does a pretty good job too with his 3some. And then there’s that skinny butted brunette Teri Weigel making so much noise. She really gets involved with her work. Take a look at the Apr86 Playboy to see what she looked like as a 34B.

Back Door Girls

This is an action packed collection of scenes where Hollywood Superstars show you their sexual lust. These are the gals who want you to travel up the Hershey Highway and they want you to do it good . Seka, the blonde bombshell, whose had a thousand men and still aches for more, shows you how she loves to take it, slim, sleek Serena has a tight little place where she wants to feel something hard and fat slide in. Latin lover Vanessa Del Rio wants a big hunky guy to press against her with all his strength as he massages her cravings see these wonders of love-making along with the prettiest girls on the blue screen: Arcadia Lake, Crystal Dawn, Merle Michaels, Lisa Thatcher and baby-Faced Chris Cassidy

Coming Of Angie

A truant officer gets a blowjob and an employment agent gets laid, both compliments of the title character in The Coming of Angie. For Angie, we are repeatedly told, "really knows what she’s doing." The Deviate was dubious. When Angie auditions for a pimp in a threesome, an anorexic Asian harpy shows up and things really get ugly. The actors here find it very hard to keep a straight face, and can be seen regularly cracking up. Just before the final orgy, they all sit around for a good half minute, saying and doing nothing, until someone off-camera yells instructions and they suddenly remember they’re supposed to be fucking. Though the Deviate is still dubious as to Angle’s knowing what she’s doing, he rather enjoyed watching her do it.

Grand Opening

Two successful business men (Kevin James and Tom Byron) are having a grand opening of their new business venture the coming week-end and are relaxing at Kevin's spatial digs to release their pent-up stress with wanton abandonment! While Kevin receives oral stimulation from the exotic Far-East goddess Kristara Barrington, Tom is busy skinny dipping in the pool with the wet, wild, and always playful Summer Rose. When Kevin joins the amorous duo in the pool, a steamy threesome ensues. Meanwhile, accountant Peter North arrives to find an equally steamed Kristara in the shower. He quickly hops into the vaporous atmosphere working Kristara into a frothing lather. Soon after, models Rachel Ryan and Erica Boyer arrive to talk about the grand opening where they are to entertain the shopping malls new customers. Getting into the festivities, the girls engage in a spirited sapphic soiree that brings down the house!

Hot Chocolate

While may be very far from the best video production, it may well be one of the most important. Like their colleagues in Hollywood's mainstream film community, few porn producers use black performers in their films. Hot Chocolate, director Drea's snappily edited, shot-live-on-video story provides a rare glimpse of an entirely black cast. The story surrounds basketball and the sexual double dealing of two guys (that's siblings, not "guys") and one women from a local college who engage in all kinds of sexual shenanigans to try and recruit "Sweet" George Brown, a top prospect. The wives seduce George (one eats potato chips while getting laid, the girl recruiter gets him in bed and the guys lay each other's wives and the girl recruiter. The sexual permutations are aplenty. The cast, while mostly average-looking, provide a pleasant distraction from the usual hardcore stuff. But the sex scenes range from very hot to very dull, with the best including Tony El-Ay (George) and the decent looking Cinnamon Dream after George is done working out on his exercise bike. While the thin story-line and one setting (a house) give Hot Chocolate a low-budget feel, I can only wish that others in the adult industry will include more black performers in their films and videotapes. I hope this one is a big-seller and that more follows.

18 Candles

Of the 5,000 or so adult features I've seen 18 Candles has the unique distinction of having no opening or closing credits, no cast or crew listings, no title, no video company logo, not even a "the end", Is there a message here? The wafer-thin plot, has Birthday girl Barbie Dahl laid up with a broken ankle being cheered up by friends. For the next hour we get various couplings with no rhyme o reason and two words of dialog – "oh yeah!" Besides saving on credits and a script, we've also saved on a continuity person, since names change from a drop of a hat. But if truth be told, all the ladies really throw themselves into sexual action with Bella Donna taking top honors. For that we must be grateful.

Nurse My Cock

The hospital bed becomes a cum soaked playground for cock craving nurses in this 2 hour ode to the hardcore hospital films of the 1970's! Vanessa and Leslie are working the late shift together, but need to take a break to pleasure each other's ... Full Descriptionhorny little ass holes. Super skinny Marlene is a hot nurse who likes to finger her ass while she gets fucked and feels cum. The doctor catches Ron Jeremy fucking his nurse, so he slides his dick up her ass to fill both holes! Over 17 loops packed with sultry uniformed nurses in ass packing, double penetration, and anal lesbian action are guaranteed to leave your bedpan filled with cum!

Red Heat

There are plenty of films like this out there, many of them aren't very good, and this one isn't very good either. To sum this film up in a nutshell; it's basically a voice over, a very thin plot and loads of sex scenes. There's really not a lot going on in this film, and the sex scenes aren't all that interesting either; which kind of made me wonder why I bothered watching it. The plot actually sounds quite interesting as it revolves around a mystery in Hollywood, but since the plot doesn't really figure; it's not very interesting. The sex scenes are, unfortunately, about as good as the rest of the film in that they're not very erotic. In fact, the sex scene quota mostly just consists of blow jobs and not much else. The film does have one saving grace; that being the fact that the running time is only just over an hour; any longer and Red Heat may have become torturous. This film may appeal to some fans of this sort of stuff - but it didn't do much at all for this one, and since it's completely obscure; I wouldn't recommend anyone bothers trying to track it down.

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 13

Look at that nice couple on the park bench...where’s she putting her hand? Hey - they’re French kissing - and...wait! She’s unzipping him - putting her head in his lap! Does the Park Commissioner know about this? Now, this pair of ’60s hippie chicks - the slender blonde, the busty brunette, bumping and grinding magnetizally...d’you suppose they’re not virgins? Color footage! These two brunettes, perusing a skin mag...why, they’re kissing! Are they members of the..."third sex"? Or just feminists? Why is that brunette bathing in her nightie? Is she shy? And this class of ’69 couple - disgraceful! The interior decorating, I mean. And those two gals sure are nice to help that poor fella lubricate himself.


Servien and Marbeuf are two crooks who try to get some hired girls to keep a rich prince busy whilst they want to steal his jewels. They engage a girl (skinny) but have not much confidence in her. She engages two servants to help her with her heavy duties. Together they amuse the prince and his assistant, mostly in the swimming pool inside the villa and in various beds. For some reason the two crooks put Castel in bondage, but she manages to escape. However the crooks have been fooled because the diamonds were fake. All ends well.

Busty Belle Collection

Alpha Blue proudly presents 2 solid hours of Busty's best scenes! Unlike virtually every other porn starlet with a pair of mammoth melons, Busty Belle grew into her gigantic titties naturally. She has a thin figure with a beautiful ass that matches her front-end dynamite boobs! Facially, Busty has the look of a true wild chick, with large eyes and a tiny bud of a mouth set into a face that's framed by crazily teased-out hair. Busty first hit it big on the national strip circuit, where her ample assets made her hardcore debut in 1988's "The Pleasure Chest". Busty's sex scenes are always graceful and stylish, with her dance training carrying over into her sexual performances. She's a truly erotic treat who never comes across as false or phony. Busty Belle has a style as unique as her top-heavy figure and is one of the all-time faves of big-boob fans everywhere.

Black Buttnicks

Black Buttnicks: Sean Michaels presents the adventure of a rich black family who loves anal sex and has a household filled with white servants. In other words, this is one backdoor black comedy! Join shapely Dominique, and foxy Janet Jackme on a rappin' romp that'll have your black ass in stitches! Or your skinny white ass in a jockey's suit on the front lawn! It's true what they say...go Black Buttnicks and you'll never go back!

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 18

What a pretty blonde!...Lounging on the red bed with her pointy pink tongue darting and nice big casabas swaying... And this kinda ordinary-looking ’60s couple playing footsie...what is that guy with the ponytail, a stoned-aged Yuppie? Some nice-looking girls in nasty action, now: like this cute pixie-haired brunette with the bodacious build, and the cute dark-haired busty blonde...are those pencil erasers on her chest, or is she just glad to see us? Whaddya know! A short-haired ’60s guy! Pokin’ his paw in that shapely blonde’s panties, checking out her hair situation. Jeez! How did this skinny dude wind up with two busty beehive babes! There’s no justice.

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 94

An Elvis-haired guy in a striped shirt feels up a dark-panty-hosed brunette... A curvy, tousled, enthusiastic choad-chomper who gives a sexy, delirious performance!... A foursome gets it on - including a couple of cute hippie chicks - in frantic action... And a skinny guy sheds his boxers for a shapely brunette... While two very foxy long-tressed hippie chicks pull the pants of a lucky dude and entertain him over-under-sideways-down! A horny fella in white pajamas reads skin mags, stroking himself to relax, and dreaming up a pretty brunette. A lush blonde and pixie brunette on a blue spread and blue satin sheets precede a skinny guy with the worst haircut in history - unworthy of his pretty blonde... Poolside, a hunky dark-haired fella muff-dives a cute zaftig sweetie... And a young blonde and young brunette - both dolls in Fredericks lingerie - get friendly! A pretty, black bouffant babe and a pasty-white dude do the nasty... While a handsome couple - sideburns and bell-bottoms - stroll on Hollywood Blvd. to their love nest... An interracial lezbo interlude follows... And a Ramone-haired guy and Annie-haired cutie share a very real sexy encounter with nice oral action.

The Perfect Position

In this porn version of The Apartment, Mr. Dean, a hot-shot slime, borrows an office-worker’s pad to get both himself and the boss laid. He wrecks the place, then brags all over the office the next day about his conquest. Hard working Jack, the nice guy who lets Dean use his apartment, suffers quietly throughout, until a clever secretary turns the tables on Mr. Asshole. There’s also a funny subplot involving their unhappily married boss, Sol Peach, whose slovenly wife begrudgingly spreads her legs only to get sex out of the way so she can watch TV. Cute.

Peacock Lady

Peacock Lady is another bit of classic porn with a paper-thin plot but plenty of hardcore action. When Gordon (KEITH ERICKSON), a struggling screenwriter, catches his blonde Val-girl-type wife fucking another man, he storms out to write "The Wife Stealers" and other scripts on the swinging theme which sell like crazy. Realizing he’s on to a good thing, his further "research" on the subject takes him from one wild orgy to another, and we get to see more early ’70s porno-vixens in action than Erickson can shake his thick stick at. Look for sweet MINDY BRANDT and girl-next-door SUZANNE FIELDS, along with hardcore hunk RICK CASSIDY, among the happy, healthy orgiasts. Eventually, Gordon finds himself a new wife, his "true love" and the new source of inspiration for his writing: a tattooed lady he met at a Juarez cathouse! Now his life has a brand new purpose: does he cum all over the spider web on her belly, the birds on her breasts, the ship on her hip, or the peacock on her pudenda? (We vote for e: All of the above.)

Girl Watchers

Girl Watchers is like a pornographic guessing game. What do the following have in common? 1.) Two guys at a picnic have a girl sandwich. 2.) A housewife watching a soap opera called No-Tell Motel masturbates with a squash. 3.) A couple wake up late in a motel. The guy turns to the woman and says, "Let’s fuck till the world explodes!" And 4.) A hardhat drills into a female passerby on a job site. Give up? Hey, they’ve got nothing in common, other than being slimy little porn scenes in one big overall slimy porn flick. And what the hell’s wrong with that?

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 110

It’s a full-color, late ’60s clam convention, as a nicely-paired pair of hippie brunettes munch mutual muff... A beehive brunette fondles herself and is joined by a redhead... A pretty young brunette, creamily curvy, gets the once over from a more experienced, bosomy ponytailed brunette! A cuddly, pixie-haired, raven-tressed mammoth-boobed babe puts the moves on a foxy dark-blonde in orange undies!... Soon a trio of long-tressed hippie chicks gather for an all-girl love-in... And a sepia siren and a slender blonde trade tongue-lashings! Then it’s a full-scale orgy as four stacked chicks enjoy themselves as their guys look on... Soon a lovely perky-tittied blonde serves a busty curly-headed brunette a box lunch... Followed by a three-way cluster fuck with curvy young participants - a brunette, a dark-blonde and black babe! Outdoor action ensues with a slender blonde and a dark-haired doll, both in lingerie, getting friendly in and around a hot tub!... And a sepia sweetie and a very cute dark blonde with ripe lips and pert nips have fun with a banana. A busty brunette and her shapely friend play pass the dildo between blue satin sheets... And an Hawaiian dish serves herself up to a cute long-tressed curly-headed slender/shapely curly-headed blonde... While a busty brunette spreads for a tongue treatment from a sensuous blonde -both in nylons and garter belts!

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 88

More color ’60s love-in, as a mutton-chop mutt goes down on a creamy, pert-breasted brunette...While a pair of brunettes have a hot dog luncheon... And two scruffy hunks make a pick-up of a lanky pixie-haired brunette! Later, a pert-breasted long-tressed blonde is joined by her cute boyfriend and a zaftig brunette for three-way fun... And a lanky, pretty brunette gets a tongue lashing from a dark-haired, scruffy bed partner. A cute, slender brunette in Fredrick’s attire gets loving attention from her sideburned hunk... While, later, a tan-line, curvy brunette tuugs off her slacks and has oral fun with a candle till a tatooed sleaze comes along to wet his wick!

Alice In Whiteland

A follow-up to the all-black 'Alice in Blackland' from the same year, this movie is a perfect example of Angel at the height of her popularity being matched with a mostly-white cast.'Whiteland' gets right to the point when Angel, laying nude in her bed, is awakened by a tall white man who appears out of thin air and makes the hands disappear from her alarm clock by snapping his magical fingers. Within seconds the dude is on top of her and Angel gets her first 'taste' of 'Whiteland'."But fucking isn't the only thing they do in 'Whiteland'. Oh, no. For some unexplained reason Angel is endure golf and tennis lessons (her second scene is a hot girl-on-girl with her tennis instructor), before she's allowed to relax by the pool and work on her tan. Let me tell you, folks, a Williams girl she ain't. When she finally throws down her racquet in frustration, she actually misses the ground!

Spaced Out

The nightcap, Spaced Out, has several things going for it, the biggest being Suzanne Fields. Fields found fame starring in Flesh Gordon. But porn ninjas know (and love) her for the dozens of triple-XXX films she did in the early seventies. In a genre known for women who couldn’t turn on a light bulb, she was a wonderful exception. Fields looked like a cross between Julie Newmar and Jennifer Aniston with her thin slender frame, cupcake breasts, and pouty scarlet lips. Best of all (unlike today’s bulimics), she appeared to really get off on having sex in front of a camera. She’s like a flask of ketchup: shake her, turn her upside down, and she comes slow. In Spaced Out, Fields plays a troubled gal named Cleo. Cleo’s in love with her boyfriend, Jamie, but gets strung-out on dope. She falls under the spell of Burt, a middle-aged medicine dealer whose toupee deserves its own screen credit. Burt lures Cleo to his lime-green apartment, and introduces her to the soda can between his legs. He fucks her to shine his helmet. "Get on your knees!" he barks, then begins a ferocious rear assault. The scene ends with Cleo’s anguished oinks. Should she stay or stray? Although she loves Jamie. Cleo is addicted not only to dope but Burl’s stranger semen... Also featuring Mycle Brandy in a torrid threesome. This is the type of film Kleenex was made for.

Hot Numbers

There's absolutely no rhyme or reason to what takes place in this one, just wall-to-wall action contained within a two-story house. We begin downstairs, where Nikki Knights is just finishing up her shower when Jon Martin comes calling. They soon are wrapped up in one another's arms as they get down to business right then and there. Tracey Adams soon shows up and adds her prodigious curves to the mix, only to be interrupted by Billy Dee. Tracey and Billy pair off for some steamy interracial fun, while Jon and Nikki keep on keepin' on. We then go upstairs, where Nina Hartley is in the process of a sexy striptease for Buddy Love. He tells her that his wife (rail-thin black beauty Alexis White) won't be back for an hour, but as soon as Nina and Buddy get into it, Alexis shows up. Of course, she gladly joins in and makes it a fiery threeway. The finale takes us downstairs, where everyone has gone home and left Nikki to her own devices -- namely, the large dildo that she ravenously rages with. The whole thing is highly erotic and completely plotless, serving up frantic fireworks with a minimum of fussing about. This treat is a great way to catch four of the spiciest gals of their era doing what they did best.

Jacqueline Lorians Collection

An absolutely stunning redhead who oozed innocent sexual curiosity, Jacqueline Lorians, was one of the loveliest porn actresses of the 1980's. A gorgeous treat for the eyes with a devinely, slender figure, radiant fair skin and a pair of the most sensually inviting and mesmerizing eyes ever seen on film. Jacqueline was a very compliant sexual performer, literally losing herself to her partners in every scene. Her soft, vulnerable sexuality made her the perfect choice to play frail, doomed lovers. Jacqueline Lorians left the business in late 1988 but left behind some of the sexiest scenes ever produced. This superb collection contains early rare loops produced by Lusty Ladies, Limited Edition & others. Titles include: School Girls, Rich Bitch, Old Fashioned Girls, Patient Penny, Bound to Please and much more!

Hot Shorts Presents Laurie Smith

Laurie Smith HS 2019 Slender, lusty does it all in this HOT SHORTS. She loves to spread her legs wide and take it in all her holes. This legend of lust will go down in history. A true collectors item. You'll feel the penetration just by watching this film!

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 92

Ten bucks buys a hunky mustached fella a fun time with a cute, busty, eraser-nipped brunette... Then a quick cut to a tousled blonde getting well paid to chow down on her well-hung hippie honey’s horn!... A lightly tan-lined blonde with perky breasts serves her darkhaired honey hair-pie... Then he creams her peaches! An attractive, bosomy dark blonde gives oral attention to a skinny beau’s bone... And a double ponytailed busty blackhaired wench removes a sanitary napkin!...A cute, curvy, bruised-lipped blonde with ribbons in her hair gives her honey a box lunch... And a pixie-haired brunette brings a small dick to a big facial finish! A very pretty blonde, shaved-pussy princess and a bespectacled blonde gives her goateed pal a nice piece of class... And a bearded guy and a dark blonde in a blue teddy are Sex Maniacs!... A dark blonde actress with a curvy, cuddly frame gives a screen test to a horny older producer... Then, after a lesbian interlude, a Manson-bearded guy with hideous striped pants and formidable dick gets loving attention from a well-built brunette... And a blonde in red lingerie dildos herself till a real dildo comes along.

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 89

Lots of color this time, in an exceptionally erotic late ’60s compilation, starting with a cute, cupcake blonde diddling herself with a candle till a sleazy rider comes along to wet his wick...And an exotic, pouty brunette getting thoroughly plowed by a skinny dude!... A cute, well-put-together tan-line brunette gets rear-ended by a sideburned hunk...While a very pretty, gypsy-earringed doll with long black tresses gives it up to a hairy-assed mustached moron who probably never got this lucky again! A sultry honey-blonde allows a dark-haired hunk to lubricate her nicely trimmed honey pie...And two cute well-stacked brunettes service a scruffy stud...While two guys a sleek brunette "Native American" coed. A lucky sideburned dude gets loving attention from a honey-blonde and a go-go-booted blonde...And two cute well-built brunettes’ lesbian interlude turns hetro when they invite in a mustached dick-bearer. The tape’s highlight is a superb slice of romantic yet graphic porn, as a very pretty, curvy young blonde with a beaming smile services her guy in every way, including an incredibly sexy eye contact blow job that ends in a glorious facial!...

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 16

That Nancy Sinatra-ish brunette, lounging on the pillows, sure isn’t shy; she’s thrusting her...personality...right in our faces! Several nice ’60s couples get into some motel action, but Ricky is too relaxy to satisfy poor Anne, so she has to get herself going. Pity. The skinny guy with the hippie beard is digging in the brunette’s panties looking for hers, which turns out to be hairier than his. And that gang of girls playing twister in the nude...are they up to something "unnatural"? Wow! This blonde in knee socks sure is cute. And that dark-haired dollie gives a whale of a sloppy stick-lick. There’s a tattooed, goateed guy nuzzling nice nips, and that bi-racial picnic won’t be interrupted by ants-in-the-pants ’cause there aren’t any...pants. And that little blonde and her surfer-type dude sure look pretty rolling around on each other!

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 86

Lots of color this time, in a late ’60s love-in that features a lovely curvy blonde humped by her long-haired beau... A cig-smokin’ guy and his bouffant bosomy brunette babe who invite a couple over, with the hostess serving hair-pie hors d’oeuvres A ponytail brunette with a nice bod is well-probed by a prince whose netherkissing turns him into a frog...A blonde over-the-hill surfer boy shoots the curls of a platinum, orally adept cutie... A sideburned dude gets a tarot card reading from a slenderly, curvy brunette... And a door-to-door porn salesman who gets more than just his foot in the door. A young sideburned guy strips his creamy dark-blonde, impressively hootered honey for a thorough humping... While a hunky, tattooed Hispanic munches on the generous mams of a voluptuous pretty brunette... Later, a dungaree-wearing dude convinces a long-tressed curvy brunette to trade her dildo in on the real thing... And a blonde guy drills a blonde gal... While a pretty lanky brunette displays pretty impressive oral skills on a lucky long-haired stiff... And a cute dark-tressed doll unbuttons and spreads for a long, blond-haired dork.

Girls on F Street

They say that music soothes the savage stranger, but when this tantalizing tune is played, it brings out the bestial best in everyone who hears it! Jerry Butler stars as a struggling musician who hits upon the perfect song -- the moment anyone hears it, they can't help but turn into raging sexual strangers. He tries out his new number on an interracial couple who come knocking at his door looking for directions. One note from his tune, though, and they're stripping down and getting down like nobody's business. Even his sultry next-door neighbor can't resist treating herself to a little lascivious self-help when she catches a bit of the tune wafting through the paper-thin walls! Jerry's flaming gay neighbor gets turned into a straight-shooting he-man when he gets an earful, instantly jumping into the arms of a leggy lust bunny.

Bucky Beavers Stags And Loops 45

It’s hair pie, served up ’60s style! A voluptuous pixie brunette, opens for inspection... A bouffant platinum blonde, with a lovely rounded blonde-all-over... A lustily trashy, pretty, pouty, high heel blonde with perfect cupcake breasts... A chatty short haired blonde in go-go boots and knit mini dress... And a pouty blonde with dark bush! Later, a curvy brunette with a babydoll face isn’t shy about sharing her hairy little legend... Several more brunettes get personal, before a beehive blonde shows off a curvy bottom, cute cupcakes and much more! ’60s sin continues with a hugely busty , cute blonde... A big hair, busty Ann Margaret ish dark-blonde lounging on a pillow flung bed... a beehive dark blonde with a lovely figure... Then meet another dark-blonde, slender but shapely, amid her psychedelic posters... A long-dark-haired chick, nicely busty, with a rounded backside, showing off her music box... A pretty pouty blonde in red satin and white leggings... And a Barbara Hershey-ish hippie chick playing peek-a boo with her privates. Next up: a pretty Traci Lord ish, reddish-blonde in black nylons with pretty conical breasts... A slightly pudgy but appealing blonde rolling around on her bed... A pretty blonde doing a five-finger exercise... And a pixie tousled blonde who comes in from a swim and checks herself out.

Zero In And Scream

A sniper in the Hollywood hills is deletng random couples he finds having sex. He spends time at "The Classic Cat" where one of the dancers invites him to a party. While everyone else goes skinny dipping in the pool he sits around in his suit and tie. So, he gets his rifle, shoots one of the party goers from the hillside, then goes home and has explicit dreams. There is a nifty ending, but mostly this is just an excuse for lots of nudity and sex.