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Tube Porn Classic - free vintage porn tube, classic xxx movie, retro porn, Italian vintage porn movie, American vintage films, German vintage nude, French retro porno and many more top adult movies with Seka, Ron Jeremy, John Holmes, Traci Lords, Kay Parker and others.

High Price Spread

The Cream Always Rises to the Top! This is the hot one! A sin-sational all-girl, all-out performance with the most beautiful, the most brazen blue-belles ever caught in the act in a mature movie marathon. Those lips! Those eyes! Those hips! Those thighs! -in a delicious repast spread thick with suck creamy flavor, bursting with sex-cite-ment and served up so piping-hot butter will melt in your mouth.

More Hippies In Heat

It's a common stereotype that hippies are promiscuous and practice all kinds of sex without any guilt or shame. Well, this kick-ass vintage porn compilation will prove that it's true! Public sex, group sex, hot blowjobs, playing with sex toys - nothing is too wild for these horny flower guys. They plunge into the most incredible orgies with all the passion and enthusiasm they've got!

Undercover Angel

This is the farewell perfomance of gorgeous Angel, so there's no way you can miss it! As always, Angel looks incredibly hot and feels unbelievably horny. She plays a hostess of a radio show who often forgets about work 'cause she's got something more exciting to do, like sucking on a big cock or plunging into a heated fucking session. Though her collegues don't waste any time either! While the music's playing they can go for a steamy blowjob or even a quick fuck, it depends on how long the song is. This fabulous classic 80s porn movie is definitely one of the hottest things you've ever seen!

Bikini Beach 2

Sun, surf and sex. The fantasy continues on. Be careful, things get slippery when wet! These naughty beach bums get creative at the beach and on the boat when they see a hard cock! Watch beautiful women suck cocks and get their throbbing pussies pounded as they bask in the hot sun!


Let's take a look at how porn movies are made. Though this time things aren't smooth from the very start. The director is terribly late, the actors think the script is a piece of shit, even the slate is lost. But it doesn't mean that you can't make a great porn movie, right? The actors are damn horny and entertain themselves by performing blowjobs and fucking between the takes. Now imagine what happens when they're actually playing their roles! This awesome movie has everything that we love about classic porn: it's genuine, funny, explicit, dirty and incredibly hot!

Missing Pieces

Once again Nina Hartley delivers in an instant retro classic from the '80s, taking you back to a time of free sex and experimentation. Along side her is an absolute huge cast of sexy girls to help make the scenes in this movie shine, with hot threesomes and sloppy blowjobs, hard anal and screaming orgasms ensuring that you keep watching closely until the very end, and a big scene from Nina.

Splatterhouse 25

Splatterhouse #25 has compiled the hottest ass packing, jizz flying, muff fucking, cock sucking, nut busting action in one four hour video! Splatterhouse is full of the hottest, wildest, raunchiest, cum-filled action your dirty little mind can imagine! Big cocks, tight pussies and all the hot cum we can muster!

How To Perform Fellatio

Oral stimulation of a man's penis by his female partner. Watch this one with your wife or girlfriend. This instructional sex-tape has got some seriously hot blowjob action in it. Watch this video and learn from the best! In fact, see if you can convince one of your wife/girlfriend's friends to join in. According to the video blowjobs are even better when there are two girls sucking one cock!


Ariella is a sexy girl from a rich Brazillian family, who feels out of place, living with her arrogant relatives. When she overhears the truth about a thief who stole her fortune and her, she uses her young beautiful body to take revenge. Fucking and sucking her way to victory, this gorgeous teen slut is able to escape, in one of the more memorable and significant porn classics of the early eighties.


Seven sexual segments. A lonely wife invites a lesbian friend. A "suck-off" contest becomes much more. A porn star seduces a peeping saleswoman. A multitasking prostitute. A couple enjoy a threesome. Two preparing auditioners.

Get Bi Tonight

Are you ready for the ultimate in sexual exercise? Any and all holes are filled by the horniest of bisexualists in this nonstop pure sex film. Every frame filled with hard action. Dick-sucking, pussy eating, and cum-shooting by some of the hottest bi-lovers you'll ever see is the calling of the day. Just think of the possibilities as two guys and a girl get together! It's the ultimate cock enlarger, it's the prime pussy welter, it's a hell of a way to Get Bi Tonight!


This narrated story has Lon Flexx dreaming of beefcake Alex Stone in a railroad tunnel. Alex strips from macho clothing and fondles his chest and tits. Rubbing his tits hard, Alex jacks off, as the camera offers larger-than-life close-ups. Both Lon and Alex take to beating off in this red-lighted segment. Later, after Lon wakes, his buddy and traveler, Michael Brawn, imagines himself with lovely Lon in a bathroom of a hotel. Uncut and handsome Michael sucks Lon off before being fucked up the ass. Their oral sex is excellently photographed, too, with lots of saliva dripping from cock and mouth. This long segment continues with huge close-ups of Lon sucking Michael's fat cock. Lon spies Butch Taylor and Sean Fox, next, in a fantasy room through a hole in the bathroom wall. Butch, in chaps, gets a blow job from Sean as he squats on the bed. Larger-than-life close-ups follow this action well, as we also see Alex there, beating off to the action. Butch fucks Sean up the butt both doggie and missionary-style before all three shoot big cum loads. Brad Phillips joins J. Jenkins in a wood shop. As Lon watches from the doorway, Jenkins licks Brad's crotch in his jockstrap. Lots of jock-licking precedes a well-photographed blow job and some intense foreplay. They 69 for a time until Brad fucks the man hard and deep on the workbench. Huge close-ups of fucking really bring this home to the viewer. Michael joins a bartender (cute, tattooed, lean, and hung) for hard doggie-fucking and long-dicking in the mouth and butt. A final scene has Alex and Lon in a fast and intense scene.

Anna Ventura — Ultra 80s Glamour Slut

Anna Ventura is one of the true anomalies of porn. Beautiful (and busty) enough to be a legit model or actress (she did show up in Hustler and other big name men's magazines), yet she chose to work in XXX. You may wonder why, until you see her drop her panties and desperately spread her legs while she sucks cock with sperm running down her chin! She just truly loved to fuck, as shown here in rare loops like Mouth Job, Cram Party, and select scenes from her feature film career!

Mr Billions Dollar Babies

This fantastic classic porn movie is an exciting mix of intriguing plot and totally mind-blowing sex scenes that involve crazy group fucking, amazing blowjobs and beautiful cum shots. Besides, all the actresses are hot as hell and so damn horny... Already thrilled? Go ahead and check out this kick-ass 1980s porn video!

Big Sleazy

Big Sleazy is a real gift for any classic porn fan. No matter what you love the most about vintage hardcore movies, you're gonna find it all here. Enjoy the brilliant perfomance of such big stars as Peter North, Tom Byron and Jerry Butler, get a kick out of fantastic blowjobs, have a ball with extremely passionate and uninhibited sex scenes including the greatest DP you've ever seen!

Cheeks 3

The third installment of the Cheeks series is here and it's packed with all the hardcore, red-hot fucking you're looking for! Lots of cock sucking and pussy licking for all! Plenty of big tits bouncing around and pussies getting pounded! It's sure to please!

Chateau Du Cheeks

Enjoy Your Stay At Chateau Du Cheeks! Four young, good looking couples are spending their holiday in a secluded, mountain cabin. With nothing else to keep them occupied, the sexual tension mounts until an explosion of fucking and sucking erupts!!

Hollywood Starlets 1

What does it take to become a porn star? How do these girl charm the producers? How do they rehearse their parts? What do they like the most about their jobs? Find all the answers in this fantastic vintage porn movie and check out the gorgeous and exciting sex scenes including nude posing, hot blowjobs, fucking at the job interview and so much more...

Just Between Friends

David Sanders is a nice guy, but there's one thing that casts a blight on his life - all the women use and misuse him. Take his wife, for example. This slutty bitch fucks every delivery boy! The last straw was when David found her fucking some refugee from Cuba. That day he decided that his life should change, and that's when he heard a commercial on the radio. A Dr Anthrax promised to turn every guy into a real man, and David decided to gve it a try. Dr Anthrax turned out to be a very strange man, and his therapy consisted of watching a couple of porn movies. Enjoying hot blowjobs, steamy fucking sessions and cum shots is cool, but how is it supposed to help David? After this weird session he picks up a sexy girl (played by gorgeous Ebony Ayes) who says she knows a real legend how to turn David into a real man... This fantastic 80s porn movie is full of raunchy action and humor, it has both an exciting plot and legendary porn stars in the cast. What else is there to desire?

Black Magic (Historic Erotica)

Here's a real gift for all admirers of classic interracial porn videos. This compilation consists of incredibly hot and raunchy scenes featuring awesome blowjobs, wild threesomes, passionate lovemaking in so many positions and the craziest group sex scene you've ever seen!

Palm Springs Girls

They are five bold and shameless sorority girls, they don't care about studies and finals 'cause they've got more interesting and exciting things to do. Sunbathing in the nude, partying, dancing and fucking guys - that's what college is meant for! Each of the Palm Springs girls is very sexy and horny, so be prepared to see lots of raunchy sex scenes including group orgies, beautiful blowjobs and passionate lesbian sex. This gem of 1980s porn is a must-see for any classic porn fan.

The Golden Age of Porn: Classified Caper

You're a agent and your on a legendary mission. There is only one way to accomplish this mission; you have to have sex with the men on the other side. That's right, its up to you to fuck and suck for national security. It gives a whole new meaning when you say, "your job sucks!" Good Luck!

Die Hilfreiche Nachtschwester

This German porn movie is about a pretty blonde night-nurse who doesn't need medicine or pills to help her patients get better. What can be more effective than a blowjob and a passionate sex session to put a patient on his legs? Even if this is not enough, a hot group orgy is something that can cure anything!

Biz-arre Women

There are definitely some biz-arre women in this one. Bizarre women with a biz-arre fantasy. To fuck and suck a midget. To get a little person off. Luckily, that's where Mr. Shortstud comes in. And then comes in their mouths. In between getting him off there is a nice lesbian foursome!

Men Into Women!

Exclusive - Wife Chocks up Hubby To Take It! His wife, with savage pleasure and another woman to assist her, puts her macho husband in a tight corset, a curly wig, lots of eye shadow and lip stick, high heels and slutty fish net stockings. The wife straps on a dildo and bends her pretty husband over the toilet bowl and ravages him! Another man is chained in a dungeon and three women make him over complete with earrings and high heels. They he's bent over a wooden saw horse and sodomized! They Taught Him To Become A Street Hooker! - His mistress more than transformed him into a woman. She made him a whore, like a tramp. That aroused him. So she bent him over her knee and spanked him like a delinquent! As A Woman, He Felt Thrills! - Three women bathe and shave a man before his transformations. Next his make-up is smeared between one woman's thighs, while another woman, wearing a strap-on, relaxes his anus until he climaxes! It Was The Erotic Experience Of A Lifetime! - Fascinated with his stunning good looks, she trains, grooms and conditions him until he's completely transformed into a beautiful woman. The final test is when she delivers the confused young beauty to her husband for servicing. The transvestite sucks him until he orgasms!

Dirty Blue Movies: Smutmasters

Cock hungry! This sinsational little ho loves to suck cock and eat cum. Watch her do what she knows best and that's sexually satisfy everybody in the fucking room! This young hottie has a big craving for some sizzling sex! Dirty Blue Movies 3 promises nothing but the finest looking, cock sucking, and dick-swallowing whore you will ever come to encounter. The best part is she doesn't even fuck one guy, but two at the same time! IT'S A MUST SEE!

Den K...familjen

Den K...familjen is a Swedish classic porn movie which consists of a beautiful young blonde's sexual fantasies and recollections. Each episode bursts with passion, lust and fervour, be it a lesbian scene, a spectacular blowjob or group sex.


Nikki Wilde plays a sexy owner of a detective agency. Her business is slow, so when a pretty girl called Candy asks to find out if her boyfriend cheats on her Nikki agrees. She sends her best detective to spy on Candy's boyfriend while she's away, and the handsome stud gets all the information he needs from a talkative neighbor. She has a lot to tell, but she wants something in return. A wild fucking session is exactly what she needs, and the horny detective is always ready to please a bored housewife. After seeing Candy's boyfriend fuck another girl the detective gets back to the office, the job is done. Nikki breaks the news to Candy, and their talk ends up with the hottest lesbian fucking ever! Don't forget that this movie is one of the classic porn masterpieces, so be prepared for lots of hot action including hot blowjobs, amazing sex scenes, anal fucking and great cum shots!

Juicy's House Party

This ain't no ordinary party, This is Juicy's House Party! Bring your cocks cause there are alot of holes to be filled! One big orgy is all it takes to make this party a success, bringing you scenes filled with fucking and sucking... And a lot more from the look of it! Enjoy!

Loath Lovers

This 1977 film, directed by Zebedy Colt, is apparently only available in a very poor quality video tape with very muffled sound. Colt stars as a semi-retarded man who still lives in his backwoods home. His view of sex is distorted by memories of his mom and dad having sex then falling off a cliff, so he tries to emulate their sick sex acts with any girl he sees. Scene 1 stars Terri Hall as a young naked nymph on a picnic with her boyfriend who is mauled by a nude Colt! She cracks her head open on a rock, but that doesn't stop Colt from mounting her and screwing her corpse silly. Hall does an impressive acting job before she meets her maker, and this kind of perversion is the kind of great Colt filmmaking to be expected. Scene 2 stars Nancy Dare as a blonde girl on a date who has her blouse torn open and is chocked up to go down on her boyfriend in their convertible! Colt watches from behind a tree, then bashes the guy's head in with a rock, strangles Nancy and chocked up his dick into her mouth for a blowjob of his own. Scene 3 stars C.J. Laing (God bless her!) and Annie Sprinkle as two sexy girls giving a strip tease to Colt and the family gardener. Laing and Sprinkle indulge in sapphic delights before inviting the gardener in for a little fun as Colt watches in front of the TV.

Love For Sale

Rick Cassidy and two stud buddies drop in at a suburban track house of ill repute in the quirky ’70s sexathon Love for Sale. Madame Amaryllis complains to them about hard times in the oldest profession, then brings out Rachel, Venus, Carmen, and Desiree, who proceed to introduce themselves, each in turn, like the first day of school. These intros, intercut with reaction shots of the studs, is some kind of funny. Madame Amaryllis conducts the whole business like a Tupperware party, but when one of the dudes brags that he plans to "fuck her till her eye teeth come out," the school-teacherly Madame whacks him over the head with a double-dildo: "cute man, there will be no vulgarity in this house!" The Deviate doesn’t know whether that follows falls into the category of the vulgar or not, and he didn’t notice any eye teeth falling out, but the fucking and sucking is boner fide ’70s hardcore. In between sessions, Carmen does a complete Latin song and dance number in the spirit of the late, great Miranda.

Tender Flesh

Tender Flesh (a.k.a. Sexophrenia), Rene Bond plays an inhibited housewife trapped in a sexless marriage to an old coot (Keith Erickson). She begins having trippy erotic dreams. A narrator wanders into the frame and explains to us that she is suffering from a disease called "Sex-o-phrenia" ("One of the oldest maladies." he says.) Pretty soon. Rene is clutching her head, contorting her face and becoming sex-crazed. ("Her alter-ego is trying to break through!") What all this means is lots of naked foolery, including a funny moment when she climbs on her horrified hubby and starts sucking his ham. ("You gutter slut! I will pray for your soul!") Another platter of lip-smacking fun from the heyday of hardcore. Collect ’em all!

National Boom Booms European Vacation

After working too hard you need to take a vacation and relax. A nice relaxing vacation to Europe with her will also help you to get off! Lots of girls roam about in range, and fucking and sucking are at will. There's so much action going on over there that you may want to book another vacation to go and flex your muscles again!

The Pitfalls Of Bunny

In The Pitfalls of Bunny, the NYC blackout of 1977 sends three roomies — Marlene Willoughby, David Williams, and the titular Bunny — out of town to the wilds of Long Island where they can fuck and suck where it’s light. (Their trip is irrationally scored with Old English ballads and banjo music!) They arrange to have their apartment cleaned while they’re away, and two cleaning sluts move in and start poking vacuum cleaner accessories up their snatches — which, of course, is the only way to "plug in" a vacuum cleaner during a blackout. Out on the Island, Willoughby and Williams screw each other silly lakeside, while Bunny dildos herself in a hammock. When two fishermen happen by and see Bunny, they do what any two fishermen would do. "Let’s fuck her!" says one, setting down his fishing rod and whipping out his fleshy rod and plunging it into her Bunny hole. Meanwhile, back in Blackout City, the cleaning sluts are joined by Tony, the Roto-Rooter Man (BOBBY ASTYR), who roto-screwters the cleaning cunts. Then they promptly clean out Bunny’s apartment, leaving her in high dudgeon over the pitfalls of porn plots and without a stiff carrot in sight.

The Young Ones

P.J. Saxon, new to the gay lifestyle, wants to experience every sexual thrill possible while he hangs around porno theaters. Danie, a hustler in New York can be found wherever horny guys congregate looking for action. Pal Johnson spends all of his free time sucking cocks in bathhouses. They are all 'The Young Ones' and they explore scene after scene of uninhibited sex in pubic places. Lust, larceny and young horny bodies fill every minute of this all action film.

The Clinic

The day in the life of one Horny General Hospital of the early 70’s A naughty XXX soap opera. Natural tits and thick hairy bush. Taking temperatures with cock thermummyeter hot female patients seem to get better after they cum. Horny nurses with hairy bush gets seduced by patients and doctors. If you're looking for a blowjob go to this clinic! The nurses here are super horny and ready to fuck on the drop of a dime!!! All these nurses are gorgeous and want their pussies licked and rammed with hard cock. Watch stud after stud bang these sluts on one hospital bed after another.

Hollywood Starlets 4

More and more girls are willing to become porn stars, so the tireless producer has to meet them all and check out their skills at seducing, performing blowjobs, fucking and working on camera. Let's see what exciting sex adventures are in store for him today!